Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So its official, I hate everything about online classes!!! I was in the middle of taking my midterm for my business class and hit the wrong button and it kicked me right off!! I am TOTALLY freaking out!! So I decided to stop thinking about it and blog since there isn't anything I can do about it.... but SERIOUSLY don't you think that an intelligent website would ask if you were sure you wanted to close your page?!! UGH, I am so disappointed, I was really ready to take it and had just reviewed for HOURS! I just have to pray that my teacher believes me that I did NOT copy the questions so I could look them all up. Well, that explains why I haven't been blogging; guys I am TIRED. Tired of RESPONSIBILITY, lack of SLEEP, Josh being SICK, Cohen's new ATTITUDE he pulls if he doesn't get what he wants, WINTER, HOMEWORK, Being a Dental School Family; it is WaY too much at once for one person.

Now I know why Britney Spears shaved her hair off, so she didn't have to PULL IT OUT!

, Cohen is cute as ever (when he wants to
be) and will be 13 MONTHS old in a couple of days! I cannot believe it! Josh loves Cohen so much that he wants another one ASAP; SORRY CHARLIE! One child is so easy, and portable I don't know that I could handle another kid. Someday, but at least not until Josh lets me off the hook for school.
Cohen has been making the funniest noises lately, he makes that funny hacking sound in the back of his throat when he talks and it sounds like he is speaking GERMAN. And he has recently started dancing with his shoulders when he eats its pretty dang cute. I had also appointed him to the TWISS Family head Chef since he has taken over ALL of my drawers in the kitchen. Josh has what everyone else at the school got and has been SICK for like a MONTH! I need him to get over it, he is miserable and is making me miserable too. I am just grateful that I haven't caught it yet. Well, I am so SORRY for writing a novel of my pathetic life, SPRING BREAK will be good for me, I just have to make it through ONE MORE WEEK!!
Anyway, CONGRATS KASHANN, she had her baby yesterday at 4:3o pm!! Also I have finally posted pictures from Cohen's BIRTHDAY