Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pics Pics and more Pics

Crew and Cohen playing great as usual

Cohen and his cousin Aiden
We got to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa last week

Great-Grandpa Aug just loves Cohen!

It was so cute we sat outside and watched Daddy play catch and everytime he threw the ball Cohen just laughed he thought it was so funny!

Josh and the boys at the Monday night Bills game!

We went with the Kings to the Haunted Hayride in Ellicottville and had a blast!

Dang, that is one Stinky Horse!

While Cohen and I were home we went to an awesome orchard where Cohen got to pose as a turkey and ride his first pony

Happy Halloween! This awesome vintage costume was Josh's too.

Score! So much good stuff!

Cohen was all tuckered out from a hard days' work. Its not easy being a devil you know..

I am backk!!

(The end of our trip to IL)
So its been way too long since I have done any blogging.

Life has been totally crazy lately, second year of dental school is intense; not only for Josh but for Cohen and me as well. I am glad for last year breaking us in for Josh being gone, because this year is way worse!

(Crystal Beach)
Bj, Josh's mom moved out a few months ago and its been great to have her around. Cohen loves spending time with Grandma and I am enjoying getting to have a bit of freedom! He is getting so grown up, he is all over the place and such a joy to be around.

(Prunes...need I say more?)
I could go on forever but instead I will just get to the good stuff and post pictures of our life lately

(Daddy's baby boy)

(Crew and Cohen are the best of friends :)

(Why are their favorite toys the ones they aren't allowed to play with?)

(Clarence Pumpkin Patch)

(Our special boy hahahaha...)