Monday, June 9, 2008

Yay! An UPdAtE!!

So much has been happening lately that I have not made the time to sit down and blog so I figured that tonight would be the night! Josh is officially done with his second year of dental school now and is getting ready for the DREADED BOARD EXAMS that he is scheduled to take in about a month. Time is flying by out here in Buffalo and we cannot believe that our time is more than half way done! This is what we have been up to lately:

School and studying...Hanging out with friends, a little bit of golfing, a lot of parenting (and doing a wonderful job I might add), and supporting Alanna in her craziness :) This summer he is hoping to find some new hobbies to learn, and just enjoy relaxing and spending time doing whatever he feels like!


Says "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone he comes in contact with, spinning in circles and falling down
and saying "OH" (instead of uh-oh), Josh taught him how to jump while they had a boys
weekend alone! His molars are finally coming in so he can chew exciting new foods.
He also enjoys long walks in his stroller and bubble baths, and is currently looking for his play-mate that shares his love of mini corn dogs, yogurt, and lasagna!

School, working and being a Mommy!! I recently had the opportunity to compete in 2 figure competitions and had an absolute blast! The first was in Olean, NY which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was lucky enough to place 1st in the novice round and second in the open. I received encouraging feedback from the judges and decided to compete again 2 weeks later. The second competition was up in Plattsburgh, NY; 7 hours northeast of Buffalo. I felt truly blessed to have 5 of my very best girlfriends come with me. We made a weekend out of it while our husbands were good enough to be single parents for 3 days. On Friday we headed out to Plattsburgh and stopped in the BEAUTIFUL town of Saratoga Springs and ate some AMAZING Mexican food! We arrived in Plattsburgh around 9 pm and flirted with the check-in guy to get a bigger room (that to our dismay is what we had reserved anyway). The six of us shared a room and brought along 2 air mattresses so no one had to sleep on the floor. We stayed up talking WAY too late and got up early the next morning to head to the high school where the competition would be held. Besides it being 90+ degrees inside, it was a beautiful venue. The girls I competed against were so nice! It was awesome to feel like we were just up there as friends showing off our accomplishments instead of being unfriendly because we were competing against each other. I won both of the divisions that I competed in and earned my procard so I can compete in the big leagues now :) On Sunday we slept in (it was refreshing!) and packed up for our ride to Montreal. We spent the day walking around a beautiful city that made us feel like we were in Europe. Old Montreal was surreal, there were outside Cafes everywhere and artists selling their paintings on the cobblestone streets. We definitely want to go back someday with our hubbies! It was really great to spend the weekend bonding with girls and staying up late talking about everything we could think of! I feel like I gained life-long friendships, and I can't wait to add more memories to the ones we have! It was SO NICE to be home after three days, I really really missed my boys! I think that they were pretty glad to have me home too :) Now, I am enjoying eating regular food and not having to stress about much of anything.

The only real obligation I have in the next bit is a camping trip for my outdoor education class final, we are spending 3 days in Allegheny State Park pretty cool huh?!

We miss all of our friends and family and hope that you are all doing great! CONGRATS to Nate and Brad on their recent graduations! We wish we could have been there!